Stranger Danger: I will not be afraid


*Please note: I apologize in advance for some of the language in the photos.

I hear it often…”you’re to pretty to be on a dating website”, “Why are you wasting your time on those things” but let me explain to you why I like “dating apps” so ┬ámuch. You see, I’m a talker…or a chatterer if you will. I can talk to someone of interest for months before feeling the need to actually ever meet up.

My time is filled with my family, my calendar is packed with social events until May, I’m not lacking companionship, I have a special someone I see when circumstance and time permits. I just like the talking parts, the getting to know you’s and the learning new things from new people.

I’m always friendly to everyone, I try my best to answer most messages even the ones I was not interested in, in the most polite way possible. Because, let’s face it not everyone will always be everyone’s shot of tequila.


What a way to dampen my Thanksgiving.

So you can imagine my surprise when I started getting threats by an anonymous poster. It was Thanksgiving day 2015 when I got the first message.Someone threatening to “cut my body piece by piece”kind of puts a damper on your holiday. I was in shock and appalled at the language he used.

At first I went back at him, I wasn’t afraid. I was annoyed. The internet was my place of peace and he was ruining it. But I got wise and stopped. and so he stopped for a bit. Until he got bored again.

He occasionally comes back and the threats have now been expanded to include my family, which prompted me to take this matter more seriously and go to my local police station.I think the defining moment was when my son, decided it would be cute to sneak up on me at the train station.

It was not cute, it caused me to break down and cry and have an anxiety attack that lasted for days. I have become more vigilant and aware of my surroundings, albeit more fearful to.

I now carry around a cute pink can of mace on my key chain, ready to spray at any one that approaches me that I believe may fit what I perceive to fit the description of this anonymous stranger.

I’d like to say the police were more helpful, but they weren’t. Basically he has to actually be physical in order for them to take action.Their best advice? Keep doing what I’m doing and maybe he will slip up. Yeah, I just hope it’s not his knife into my body. They did however give me a nifty complaint number that I can file, should he ever be so bold enough to carry out his threats…yay.

So I’ve decided to share my experience here, in the hopes that maybe someone may have had an experience like this as well or even had the same experience with this same individual.

*He frequents an app called “Tango” and creates new accounts all using NYC, USA or generic “Tango Member”or even just a bunch of gibberish.

Here is some more of his messages:


Any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated.



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