Cab Driver Bae

*For the record, I don’t believe the “word” Bae should ever be used.Ever.

I met Cab Driver Bae over the summer. Cute maybe creepy story actually, I was waiting for my cab after leaving a party and he happened to get the call. We chit chatted during the ride home, nothing crazy. He dropped me off.

Well, before I could even get up the stairs, he was texting me. He somehow got a hold of my number, let’s just say he did something unethical. I was a bit bit flattered and creeped at the same time. I mean I can’t remember the last time that someone went out of their way to get to know me.

After the initial minor shock we chatted a bit more and for the few days following. We even enjoyed each other’s company over brunch and had a nice pool date one hot August morning. I remember being impressed by this pool date, I mean the guy worked all night and hates the sun, but was willing to just hang out with me all day by the pool.

The relationship was definitely advancing, I mean he was young, but not too young. He was a hard worker, single (or at least so I was told) he had a busy schedule as well so understood sometimes I was busy with work or my family and the most important thing…. and he was FUNNY! 

So what went wrong?

We continued to chat via text, but the response times for both parties became longer and longer and things just eventually cooled. Our last conversation was in November….

So imagine my surprise.

I received out of the blue a text message from CDB last Friday, very random and again sorta cute…a simple Happy New Year. It’s March. I guess that was his opener. Hey I harbor no ill feelings, things happen, people drift apart and sometimes that’s just the way it is.

But he was very adorable inviting me to the movies and I accepted. I thought, wow a guy that doesn’t want to just take me to a bar and get me drunk thinking I will go home with him. This guy is awesome, what a gentleman.

And that he was. He picked me up and we had drinks and appetizers before the movie. And aside from a few stolen kisses during the movie he tried nothing fresh. Of course he is a guy and did ask if I would go home with him. I declined, I told him that he is starting over basically from square one.

was I wrong? And no I haven’t heard from him…perhaps in July.






One thought on “Cab Driver Bae

  1. I dated a few guys on Tinder last year and the fizzling of conversations is so common for me. But I honestly like when that happens. I feel it’s like a mutual agreement between both parties that maybe this isn’t going to work out, and we can separate without a fight and without a downfall. You did the right thing by declining to go home with him that night. We can’t give men power or let them believe they can just come back into our lives at any time to get what they want.

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