Breakfast Bae

*For the record, I don’t believe the “word” Bae should ever be used.Ever.

So I met Breakfast Bae, about 2 weeks ago. We met via this app called “happn”. I like the concept of this app. If you’ve never used it here’s some quick info:

It’s an app that connects you with people who you have crossed paths with, and if you like him/her you hit the heart. If they heart you back you are invited to chat with each other. Or some brave souls can just skip the crossing fingers portion and just charm the person of interest. They then have the option to chat or ignore you.

BB charmed me. I was curious. Honestly I would have hearted him if I had seen him. Not a bad-looking guy, IG was available for snooping, not terribly young and very sweet. We have completely opposite schedules and he lives in another state, so it makes connecting on a personal level very difficult.

So after a few days of chatting he decided to ask me out to breakfast. Makes sense, I’m getting into the city as he’s getting ready to leave it. I get here so early that I have time to have a leisurely breakfast. So we met.

He was just as adorable in person he looked exactly like his picture and was a gentleman but then again we were in a crowded restaurant in broad daylight. Aahhhh the piece of mind that meeting in a crowded public place brings. I felt completely at ease.

He walked me to my building and we said our goodbyes. I like this one, I just hope our conflicting schedules and the distance won’t be a major factor.

To be continued…..



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