Enough already

If you are from the New York, Tri-state area you can totally understand:

Dear Mother Nature,

Enough already.We get it.You’re mad at us. But don’t you think you have tortured us enough by teasing us with delightful spring like weather one day and a 30 degree drop in temperature the next?

Thankfully for us in the 5 boros we didn’t get the Massive  amount of snow that the weather forecasters predicted, yet it is enough to be quite annoying and mix that with the geniuses at the MTA…dangerous.

This was not fun to navigate.


It could have been totally worse, I agree we have had worse winters. But the cold has become painfully brutal on our skin and is making us weary in our lives. We need the warm sunshine and sandy butts!

So please Mother Nature, we are sorry and we won’t do it again. See you next winter.



via Daily Prompt: Massive


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