I hate to exercise. It’s not that I hate it because it’s so difficult, I mostly hate it because I can never seem to do it right….Flash back to Memorial Day weekend 2014, wait better make that February 2014.

Summer is fast approaching and I think it’s a bright idea to go hard in the gym I fell in love with the Arc Trainer at first sight. It gave me maximin results in shortest amount of time. I began to feel the pins and needles and tightness in my butt almost immediately. I could actually feel it lifting itself. What I could also feel were the first warning signs that I ignored, were the constant cramps (Charley Horses) in both my legs.

Every  night I experienced this pain in both my legs and then I began feeling it in the day as well. Just doing normal things like walking around caused searing pain in the back of my calves. But I kept going at the gym. I mean no pain, no gain right?

Now jump ahead to Memorial Day weekend. Picture this. I’m running up the steps of the train station to catch my bus. I’m excited and happy for the long weekend ahead of drunken debauchery with my sisters and family. I see the bus at the stop and sprint then I hear this loud POP in my head,

This POP is unlike anything I have ever heard. It was loud like a gunshot in alley that only I can hear. Then came the searing pain and I went down on one knee. Of course no one helped me, welcome to New York, but I managed to hobble over to a chair that the store owner keeps outside for people waiting for the bus so I could call my rescue squad (my son & niece).

Well long story short, I was dating a ex minor league baseball player at the time who convinced me not to seek medical attention (I couldn’t anyway, I had no insurance at the time) , abide by the R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate) rule and stop being a big baby. It took many months before I was able to walk properly again. It was a tough few months, I really did have to learn to walk again.

Recovering was difficult on my own without medical intervention, it happened on a Friday, I was off Monday for Memorial Day and then I had already scheduled to be off Tuesday to recuperate from my Memorial Day hangover, little did I know that I was going to be doing some major recovery work.

I spent the entire time in bed, only getting up to pee and eat. I did everything in the R.I.C.E rules except the ice so it was more like R.C.E. but with a lot of help from my son I was able at least hobble into work that Wednesday. Never had I ever experienced the rudeness of New Yorkers as I did those few weeks I walked at a snail’s pace. I humbly apologize to anyone I have ever been impatient with (this applies only to people that had an injury, cane or crutches) everyone else speed up, this is New York after all.

unnamed (2)

You can imagine the damper this put on my 42nd birthday celebration.

I spend about 75% of my day in heels, which I’m sure helped to contribute to the initial injury, I can’t completely blame the Arc Trainer (although I mostly do). Heels shortens the calf muscle, which is why it was a big help with my “personal recovery’ method. I switch out between 2 and 3 inch pumps then into flats daily as a way of easing into walking again normally.

I eventually did seek physical therapy which was extremely helpful but it will never be 100% again. Every time it rains or I overdo it it acts up. The only difference is this time I listen to the warning signs.

Fast Forward to 2 weeks ago; it’s getting warmer, I have my daughter’s trip to the US cheer finals in Virginia Beach coming up< I have my first trip to an international beach in June and so I decide to visit my old buddy Arc Trainer….Big mistake.

After only one 25 minute session at the gym, I was already feeling my old injury reeling its ugly head (or leg in this case) and like a dummy I misplaced my compression sleeve. My compression sleeve has saved my life (leg) through numerous twist and turns since 2014. But since I was unable to find it for 2 days, I devised one out of an old leg warmer…can you say #MacGyver lol.

unnamed (3)

Fixing it myself #MacGyver

I’ve bought a new one, well it’s actually designed for knees but who cares it’s holding the muscle in place quite nicely and I’m healing. I took last week off from the gym and I went back a few days ago. Staying off that damn Arc Trainer and just taking it easy for now.

I’m learning that even small movements during the day are better than none at all. It might slow down my weight loss journey slightly but I’d rather that than being put completely out of commission.

Lesson of the story:

Take it slow, listen to your body, don’t listen to ex boyfriends and seek medical attention A.S.A.P



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