Rape culture

This was a really wonderful piece, especially after experiencing something similar very recently. IT IS NOT OK!



Every morning I get an email from The Nib, sending me political comics about mainly American issues. Sometimes I read them, sometimes I don’t, but mostly I pick one that appeals to me stylistically the most. (I always read my Kupu o te Rā but only sometimes remember what it was a few hours later.) Comics are a very powerful medium for politics, but sometimes they lack complexity. I hesitated about posting this comic because it oversimplified the issue. Or perhaps it didn’t. I really enjoyed this blog post by Bernard Beckett, which seemed quite a lot more nuanced, and something I’d like my son to read. I also really liked this article by Emma Kelly, putting the onous on men to change things. And this powerful piece by Emily Writes. But since things seem to crazy right now, since the world feels like it’s in crisis, I feel…

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May the luck of the Irish be with you❤️🍀❤️🍀!

I’ve always celebrated ST. Patrick’s Day, I mean what’s not  to love, beer, soda bread corned beef yum. Also my oldest is 1/4 Irish so I thought it only fair to have some sort of tradition growing up. The corned beef not the beer.

But I never really felt the Luck of the Irish until 12 years ago. Here is a previous facebook status I would like to share from a year ago:

This year, I chose not to dwell on all the fear and uncertainty that we experienced in March 11 short years ago. But focus on the love and hope. Some may know my little girl  was born with a heart ❤️disorder that required emergency surgery at just 6 weeks old. She’s a fighter and after 9 uncertain days she was released from the hospital. I always say ” Its the luck of the Irish 🍀that brought her home”.



Now she’s here cartwheeling her way into the U.S. Cheer finals. My oldest daughter is part Irish, so let’s celebrate!Today also has another significant beautiful reason for celebration. My nephew👶🏽 will be born today. Waiting anxiously for updates from beautiful grandma 

Thank you God for these gifts. 

So as you celebrate today and raise your glasses heres my wish for you all “May neighbors respect you, trouble neglect you, the angels protect you, and heaven accept you!” 

I didn’t write that lol

#MyBabyGirl #Survivor #Fighter #LuckOfTheIrish 

Update 2017: My daughter is once again going to the U.S. Finals, my nephew is celebrating his 1st birthday and I will be of course engaging in Jai’nanigans.



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Enough already

If you are from the New York, Tri-state area you can totally understand:

Dear Mother Nature,

Enough already.We get it.You’re mad at us. But don’t you think you have tortured us enough by teasing us with delightful spring like weather one day and a 30 degree drop in temperature the next?

Thankfully for us in the 5 boros we didn’t get the Massive  amount of snow that the weather forecasters predicted, yet it is enough to be quite annoying and mix that with the geniuses at the MTA…dangerous.

This was not fun to navigate.


It could have been totally worse, I agree we have had worse winters. But the cold has become painfully brutal on our skin and is making us weary in our lives. We need the warm sunshine and sandy butts!

So please Mother Nature, we are sorry and we won’t do it again. See you next winter.



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Soldier Bae

If you read my May-December blog, you may be a little familiar with this story. If not feel free to read it before joining in progress.

What can I say. He makes me laugh. He makes me smile. And right now he is the best thing ever. Do I think I may ultimately wind up destroying him? Yes.Do I think that this will end terribly? Yes. Yet I can’t help myself. I can’t keep away.

We were apart from each other for a few weeks, I was hoping that it was enough to make him  forget about me, he celebrated a birthday during that time. Making him a year older, birthdays tend to do that. I had some books that I had been gathering for him and made arrangements for him to  come pick them up.

Boom, just like that. It was as if no time had been lost between us. He forgot all the things I said about wanting him to have the family I couldn’t provide. It all fell on deaf ears and an open heart. We met for drinks.I thought we could keep it friendly but that did not last very long and then he gave me this:

No one has given me anything this sweet in a long time that did not expect something in return.

Even the puppy is sad when he is not around.

I don’t want to love him, yet I do although it’s not the kind of love that he wishes for and deserves. I care, I worry, has he eaten, has he slept, is he thinking about me. It’s love, but it’s different. I can’t Immerse myself in this relationship.

Besides the 20 year age difference, his impending deployment helps me keep my distance. I don’t want to think of having to let this wonderful person go. What if he never returns? No it is far better to remain in this state of non labels than a state of attachment.

A state where we are just two people that enjoy eachothers company . He keeps me young while I keep him at arms length. My soldier.




How to Heal

As a mom, I would love to put my children in a bubble and protect them from certain things. Bullies and a broken heart are at the top of this list. Today I write about heart break.It is my greatest Desire to protect them when I feel that a potential partner may not be the one. Sue Me.

We never want to imagine our daughters balled up in their beds crying over some boy or girl who broke their heart but we can imagine it. But what if it’s our sons? Society teaches us that we have to raise our young men to be emotionless and strong. No crying, especially over a girl.

So to watch my own son, my only son, my grown son going through this is so heart breaking to me.I’m still feeling raw over my own heart break that occurred 6 days ago, it’s as if I am reliving it. I don’t want to give him the wrong advice. What do you do when you can’t help, can’t heal. There is no band-aid in the world that can cover this wound.

I can only tell him it won’t hurt this much next week, and hopefully much less the week after. It’s much like when someone dies, you cry and then one day you realize they are in a better place and are at peace with your feelings. My hope is that he will realize he is in a better place and move on.

I love you.


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Well, that escalated quickly.

*I apologize in advance for the use of profanity in the photo and video.

Many people don’t believe that I am 44 years old, but what is 44 supposed to look like anyway? I attribute my youthful looks to my being part Asian, being very short, young at heart and wildly immature. Oh it also probably has something to do with the fact that I snapchat and IG like a teenage girl (told you I was immature lol).

As I stated in a previous post, I love to just chat away. As long as we have something in common and you are never disrespectful. Well, let me share with you this encounter I had with a young man. 

One day while minding my own business on IG this young person began following me. That’s fine, my profile is public so no reason for alarm, he commented on my pics all the usual things I’m used to reading. Then he began to follow me on Snapchat. Again no biggie, my username is clearly on my profile as well.

It started off fine. He messaged me on SC, we exchanged pleasantries, and he was polite at first. I explained that I was not looking for anything at all from anyone at this time and he began to harass (yes harass) me for my number. And then this happened: 


A clear DON’T….If a woman is clearly NOT interested…Keep it moving.

Lol, how did I go from being extremely hot, to an old bitch? Did he think my ego would be damaged by calling me old? No sir, it did not. But it did prompt me to create this little informational video lol. Enjoy.